OCC owns original machinery and equipment including:

Trenchless technology equipment utilized for water excavation,

Pipejacking technology equipment utilized for wastewater excavation.

Ductile pipes and fittings (Zing Zing),

Manhole covers; over 25k covers were placed around Jordan.



We make sure that our training provides the necessary skills and experience needed for employees to not only work more effectively, but to also keep themselves and everyone else safe. Within this industry, there are many tools, pieces of equipment and vehicles that can be a potential threat. This is not only to the employees and employers, but to civilians that are in the area.


The general policy of Al Omaria Co. Company is not limited to focusing on how to protect the human element from accidents and injuries activities, protect the facilities and property and the company's capabilities from unexpected damage or losses during the implementation and train the project workers on safe work systems and uses of personal protection means, With events and situations in emergencies.



- Storage Section:
1- Telecommunication Storage Area.
2- Water & Wastewater Storage Area.
3- Warehouse Yard.
4- Mechanical & Maintenance Area.



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