The general policy of Al Omaria Co. Company is not limited to focusing on how to protect the human element from accidents and injuries activities, protect the facilities and property and the company's capabilities from unexpected damage or losses during the implementation and train the project workers on safe work systems and uses of personal protection means, With events and situations in emergencies.
Al-Omaria Company is keen to commit to developing a comprehensive business plan to protect the working human element and the surrounding environment and ensure that its employees are not affected by health while doing business.

Why is Omaria Contracting Company following (HSE) managing?
In order to ensure the continuity and efficiency of performance, the company has developed a special approach to the management of safety, health and environment and the adoption of management systems compatible with the highest management methods (ISO) where the company has committed to obtain the following certificates
ISO 9001/2015
ISO 14001/2015
ISO45001 / 2018

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