Productivity Features
● High Production and Low Fuel Consumption Production is increased with larger output during Active mode while fuel efficiency is further improved.
● Maximum Drawbar Pull Increased 16% offering superb steering and slope climbing performance.
● Maximum Digging Height is 10 m 32'10", a benefit in jobs requiring a longer reach

  • High Production and Low Fuel Consumption by Total Control of the Engine, Hydraulic and Electronic System32HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR PC350/350LC-8M0 Low Emission Engine and Low Operation Noise
  • Large Drawbar Pull and Digging Force
  • Two-mode Setting for Boom

Hydraulic Excavator
Upper structure
The upper structure of the machine is spe-cifi cally designed to cope with the rigours of a demolition job site.
Whatever your transportation needs, the undercarriages available give the robust foundation needed in severe environments.

Hydraulic Wheel Excavator
High productivity
• High lifting capacity and good stability
• High drawbar pull
• Large bore bucket cylinders can be installed to the 1,8 m and 2,4 m arms to greatly increase digging forces and productivity in tough conditions.
• Designed for high ground clearance
• Virtually zero axle rocking with out- board wet disc system • Powerful drawbar pull • Automatic 3-speed travel
• 35 km/h maximum travel speed • Optional undercarriage width: 2,75 m

Wheel Loader
High Productivity & Low Fuel Consumption
● High performance SAA6D107E-1 engine
● Low fuel consumption
● Dual-mode engine power select system
● Automatic transmission with shift timing select system
● Variable displacement piston pump & CLSS

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